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The company's business policy is to constantly enhance the level of its customer / patients satisfaction, be in compliance with legal requirements, use of those techniques which cause the least possible negative impact on both the environment and the personnel of the company and complete coverage of each agreements.

To achieve the above, the Management of BIODIAGNOSTICS Ltd has secured the following:

- The installation and the systematic application of quality management system according to the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008, for all business areas of the company,

- The necessary resource requirements for quality management, including the constant training of our already experienced staff.

- The establishment of quality objectives, the achievement of which is reviewed and evaluated at regular intervals with a view to continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, of the company's operation and effectiveness as well as its provided services.

 The Management of the Company encourages all the employees, not only to systematically implement the Quality Management System, but also to actively participate in its continuous improvement, based on the principle that every employee facing a particular problem is suitable to provide useful suggestions.




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